Fine Mesh Safety Net

The Fine Mesh safety net precautions and maintenance:

  1. Avoiding the net drag over rough surfaces or sharp edges;
  2. Strictly forbid people who rely on or the items piled pressure to the safety net;
  3. Dense mesh-style safety net to avoid people jumped into the articles cast the net;
  4. Avoiding to a large number of welding or other sparks dense mesh safety net falling into the security fence;
  5. The dense mesh safety net can avoid serious of fence around the acid, alkali fumes;
  6. Must often clean up the safety net fixtures to maintain safety net surface cleaning;
  7. When the lap appearing light minor losses, must be immediately repaired.
  8. When the safety net is subject to from chemical contamination or mesh embedded in the coarse sand and other impurities that may cause wear, should be flushed, washed, then dried naturally.

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