Debris Netting - Knotted or Knitted Knot-Less

High density debris netting, flame resistance and UV stable, in red, blue, white, green and yellow colour, with eyelets on the netting edges or only the edges well reinforced, knotted or knitted knot-less.

A sheet of blue debris netting with strong knitted structure on a hand.

Blue debris netting with strong knitted structure

A roll of green debris netting

Green debris netting with strong knitted structure

Black knotted debris netting on a women's hand.

Knotted debris netting for longer life span.

High density debris netting in blue or green color packaged in our warehouse.

High density debris netting package

Debris netting

  • Fire retardant.
  • High density.
  • Width 3.66m (12 ft).
  • Length 100m + (large rolls).
  • Buckled all around or on length side.
  • Shade 70%.

Debris netting in red, blue and yellow colour.

  • Roll size= 3m wide × 50m long.
  • Density= 80 gsm.

Debris Net

  • Material: knitted knot-less virgin high density poly ethylene.
  • Weight: 300 g/m2 with reinforced edges at the side and middle.
  • UV treated (for longer life span).
  • Color: green.

Debris netting measuring 1 metre by 100 metres, without eyelets on the netting, only the edges well reinforced.

  • Dense-weave holes: 2.0 mm-4.0 mm.
  • Made of 100% non-toxic polyethylene.
  • Preferred colour: black.
  • Length: 100 metres.
  • Height: 1 metre.
  • Flame retardant.
  • Density: heavy duty- 100gsm-300gsm.

Debris netting

  • 8" mesh - knotted polypropylene fiber w. 1/2" border rope.
  • Flame resistance & UV stable, white in color.

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