Debris netting covers safety netting and scaffold netting

Debris netting is used to prevent person from falling down, or to avoid and reduce falling transitive strike damage nets. This netting is general composed of mesh side ropes, tethers an other components. It is widely used in industry, agriculture, construction and other fields. In general, the net can be applied in various construction sites, especially in high rise buildings. At agriculture, debris net also used in greenhouse and so on.

According to its applications, debris netting can be divided into safety netting, scaffold netting, construction debris netting and debris net fall protection. According to materials, it can be divided into plastic netting and nylon netting.

Debris netting has many types for its different materials or applications. It has easy to install, economic and secure solution. In addition to the above, debris net has environmental-friendly, worm resistant, cold resistant, corrosion resistant, etc. Special netting also has particular characteristics, such as safety netting high intensity, clothing stickers, good paste and excellent positioning.

Our debris netting has the feature of flame retardant. And its edges can be well reinforced and with eyelets or without.  The most popular debris netting size shows here:
Dense-weave holes: 1.0mm-6.0mm
Made of 100% non-toxic polyethylene
Preferred colour: black, green, white, blue
Length: 50 - 200 metres, or according to customer requirements
Height: 1 metre, 1.5 metre, 2 metre
Density: Heavy duty- 100gsm-400gsm

We also manufacture other netting. For example, knotted polypropylene fiber netting has 3/4 to 1 in squares light weight but strong enough to hold 50 + lbs sizes 13ft. × 13ft. to 17ft. × 17ft. with tie strings in all 4 corners in green, black, red, white and yellow colors. HDPE plastic bag for dates, vegetables and fruits, with opening 3 × 3mm, weight 45/60g/70g/piece, roll size 70cm × 90cm/80cm × 100cm/80cm × 110cm, green, white and red color. More info, please contact us via or online chat.

Barrier mesh netting is the best barrier solutions for crowd vehicle control, width 1/1.2/2m, length 50/100m. barrier netting roll, expanded view pictures as shown.
Debris netting is knitted with the HDPE material with required length and width. Scaffold netting is widely as safety netting used in wind protection, dust control and fall protection.
Debris netting can be supplied with blue, green and black color in roll type. Debris netting is easy attachments to scaffolding and fencing to protect pedestrians.
Construction debris netting as one type safety netting is used in construction for fall protection. Debris netting is manufactured by high density polyethylene monofilaments.
Vertical debris netting is vertical wire mesh for safety to circle building site for protection. Vertical debris netting for construction has the features of finer opening, easy cleaning.


HDPE Woven Plastic Cloth Mesh, Anti-Hail Nets, Pigeon Netting

November 16 2015

100% HDPE plastic wire netting, anti-hail nets, pigeon netting and sun shade net with the features of flame retardant, UV resistance, aging resistance.

Scaffolding Netting - Construction Safety Net

November 16 2015

Scaffolding netting construction safety net made from flame retardant HDPE monofilament UV stabilized yarn, brass or galvanized eyelet every 30cm.

Debris Netting Fire Retardant and UV Stable

November 16 2015

High density debris netting, flame resistance UV stable, in red, blue, white, yellow colour, with eyelets on the netting or only edges well reinforced.

Nickel Wire Mesh

November 15 2012

Nickel Wire Mesh highly resistant to various reducing chemicals and is unexcelled in resistance to caustic alkalies. In addition, nickel has good thermal, electrical and magnetostrictive properties.

Fine Mesh Safety Net

November 15 2012

Here mainly show fine mesh safety net precautions when using and maintenance, such as cleaning after use and when placed notes.