Scaffold Netting

50 x 2m. Durable woven HDPE (High Density Polyethelyne) netting for the containment of falling debris.

Scaffold Sheeting is used for covering scaffolding structures. Scaffold Sheeting has many purposes.

  1. Scaffold Sheeting Enhances the security for the workers on the scaffolding.
  2. Serves as a climate shield to protects workers, machinery and open constructions against rain, wind, snow.
  3. Ensures a stable working climate on the scaffold so deadlines can be achieved regardless of the weather.
  4. Protects the surroundings from any building dust or other building waste.
A roll of green scaffold netting on a gray background.

Scaffold Netting

A few rolls of different color scaffold nettings on a white background.

Different color scaffold nettings

Blue scaffold netting outside the construction under the blue sky.

Scaffold netting used in construction.

Details of the blue scaffold netting on a gray background.

Scaffold netting detail

Scaffold Netting

Scaffold Netting

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