Barrier mesh netting 1/1.2/2m × 50/100m

Barrier mesh netting is the best barrier solutions for crowd / vehicle control because of the following features:

  • Drawstring top and bottom for attachment
  • High definition colours, orange and yellow
  • UV protected
  • Chemical resistant
  • Extra strength
  • Flexible
  • Easy to erect and transport

Available Sizes:

  • 50m × 1m - 5.5kg;
  • 50m × 1.2m - 6.6kg
  • 50m × 2m - 11kg;
  • 100m × 1m - 11kg;
  • 100m × 1.2m - 13.2kg;
  • 100m × 2m - 22kg;

The pictures of barrier netting roll, expanded view and barrier netting in construction site as shown.

 Three roll barrier nettings with yellow and orange color on a white background.

Rolls of barrier nettings

Unfurled orange barrier netting in construction site.

Barrier netting used in construction site

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